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Display Roll Up Banner Stand 60 x 92

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Premium 60×92 Roll Up Banner with SD Retractable StandEnhance your marketing presence with the SD retractable stand, our premier model designed for maximum stability and visual impact. This sophisticated banner stand combines robust construction with elegant design elements, making it ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, retail environments, and corporate events.

Design and Construction

At the heart of the SD retractable stand is its wide and low-profile base, engineered for exceptional stability. The base features chrome end caps and a brushed aluminum finish, not only ensuring durability but also adding a touch of modern sophistication to your display. This base design not only enhances stability but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your presentation.

Adjustable Support Pole

One standout feature of the SD retractable stand is its adjustable support pole. This feature allows you to customize the height of your display according to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a shorter or taller display, the adjustable support pole accommodates various display preferences with ease.

Portability and Storage

Designed with convenience in mind, the SD retractable stand offers effortless portability and storage. When not in use, the entire stand retracts neatly into a hard-sided carrying case. This ensures safe transportation and protection from wear and tear, making it perfect for frequent travelers and those who require a portable advertising solution.

Graphic Quality and Options

Your message deserves to be displayed in vibrant clarity. The SD retractable stand supports two material options for graphics:8.85 oz. UV Printed Coated Polyester Fabric: Ideal for indoor displays, this option ensures vivid, high-resolution graphics with curl-free edges and a blockout backing. It guarantees that your graphics remain sharp and vibrant under any lighting conditions.

13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this durable vinyl option offers exceptional color reproduction and durability. It is designed to withstand the elements while maintaining its visual appeal over time.

Product Features

Aluminum Retractable Hardware: The stand features high-quality aluminum hardware that ensures smooth operation and longevity. Hard-Sided Carrying Case: Provides robust protection during transportation and storage, ensuring your investment remains in pristine condition. Adjustable Support Pole: Allows you to tailor the height of your display to suit different venues and preferences.

Safety Margins

To ensure your graphics are displayed perfectly, the SD retractable stand incorporates safety margins:Top Margin: 1 inch Bottom Margin: 3 inches These margins ensure that all essential graphic elements remain within view, preventing any important content from being cut off or obscured.ApplicationsThe versatility of the SD retractable stand makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Create an impactful presence that attracts attention and communicates your brand message effectively. Retail Environments: Highlight promotions, products, or services with professional displays that enhance your store’s visual appeal. Corporate Events: Impress clients and stakeholders with polished presentations that reflect your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail.

The 60×92 SD retractable banner stand is more than just a display—it’s a statement. With its premium construction, adjustable features, and high-quality graphics, it ensures that your message stands out in any setting. Whether you’re aiming to boost brand visibility, promote a new product, or inform your audience, the SD retractable stand is your go-to choice for impactful, portable advertising. Elevate your marketing efforts with a display solution that combines style, functionality, and durability—perfect for the modern business environment.


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