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Lifewave Car Vehicle Magnet



Introducing the Lifewave Car Vehicle Magnet, a sleek and impactful way to broadcast your brand message wherever your travels take you. Available in three versatile sizes – 24″W x 12″H, 18″W x 24″H, and 24″W x 36″H – these vehicle magnets are designed to seamlessly transform your car into a mobile advertising canvas, ensuring that the essence of Lifewave is prominently displayed on the road.

Crafted with durability and visual appeal in mind, these magnets are made from top-notch materials, offering a professional and polished appearance. The 24″W x 12″H size is perfect for smaller vehicles or discreet placement, allowing for a customized promotional strategy. The 18″W x 24″H option strikes a balance between visibility and adaptability, fitting various car sizes while delivering a bold and impactful brand statement. For those seeking maximum exposure, the 24″W x 36″H size is ideal for larger vehicles, ensuring that your Lifewave branding captures attention wherever you go.

Easy to apply and remove, these magnets provide a flexible marketing tool, allowing you to effortlessly transition between personal and promotional use. Whether you’re parked at a business event, navigating city streets, or commuting to work, the Lifewave Car Vehicle Magnet ensures that your brand identity remains prominent.

Elevate your Lifewave presence with style, versatility, and visibility – turn your car into a mobile advertising powerhouse with the Lifewave Car Vehicle Magnet, available in sizes 24″W x 12″H, 18″W x 24″H, and 24″W x 36″H. Drive your brand forward and make a lasting impression wherever your journey leads you.

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  • Maximum Size: 24″ High X 60″ Wide
  • Resolution: High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720. Printed on one side only.
  • Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years
Material Options:
  • 30 mil. Matte Magnet


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